SunSun TW-300 Nano Fish Tank in White, 3.17gal

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This aquarium is very simple and practical. The 3.17 gal nano tank is perfect for small fish – ideal for beginners and children.

The fish tank looks like a small house with a roof and chimney which can be used to feed the fish through the top of the chimney.

Complete with an economical 4W LED Light multi-colour light, hood filter system which is fully removable for easy cleaning of the aquarium.

The aquarium can be set up as a cold water or tropical tank. For a tropical setup a heater will be required (not included).

– Ultra clear glass
– Eco friendly high performance LED lighting
– Light can be turned on using On/Off switch on top of roof
– Fish can be fed through the chimney
– Includes tray filter system with filter floss and quartz balls included to provide biological and mechanical filtration
– Pump with venturi air pipe for increased aeration if required.
– Dimension: 12.6″x9.45″x14.45″, 3.17gal Nano Tank with roof and chimney, 4W LED Light


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