About Us

Superior Pets, established in 2013, is a wholesale pet supply distributor that specializes in offering an expanding catalog of aquatic supplies and pond equipment. While attending—and displaying—our products at numerous aquatic trade shows, our staff will always have the deepest pleasure in meeting and shaking everyone’s hand. We currently have offices in Chicago and California.

Superior Pets is the exclusive distributor for products such as Zetlight, Macro Aqua, H2Pro. Other brands include, Blue Life USA, Chemi-pure, Dennerle, Finnex, Fritz, ISTA, JBJ, Jebao, Kolar Labs, MarinePure, New Life Spectrum, NorthFin, Polyplab, Real Reef, SICCE, SunSun, Tropic Marin, Vibrant, and XinYou. There are new and exciting products added each month. We only put and present products out there that we use and trust for top-notch performance. We have a diverse catalog that displays both marine and freshwater aquatic supplies. Supplies such as air pumps, aquarium stands, bio pellets, canisters, CO2 equipment, dosing pumps, aquarium fans, filters, fish nets, fish tanks/complete tank sets, fish food, glass canopies, glass/algae cleaners, hang-on back equipment, inline/submersible heaters, lighting, pond equipment, protein skimmers, submersible pumps, test kits, tools, tubing, UV sterilizers, wavemakers, WIFI compatible equipment, and other aquatic maintenance supplies.

We have shipped our products out to all over the world and look to expand on other pet supplies in the growing future.

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