Kolar Labs Bio Pellets 600g (1.32lbs)

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Made without fillers or harmful chemicals, Metabolix Bio Pellets contain 100% PHA resin made from corn. Bio-pellets are a pure and natural carbon dosing approach to reduce nitrates and phosphates to help control algae in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Left unchecked, elevated levels of nitrates, phosphates, and algae can cause extensive harm to fish, coral and other aquarium life.

As the bacteria in your aquarium consume the PHA pearls, they eliminate algae-promoting nitrates and phosphates. The result? Clearer water, a healthier tank environment and less time spent cleaning your aquarium.

Carbon source and media for beneficial bacteria
Removes nitrates and phosphates
Reduces and prevents algae growth
Creates a healthier environment for aquatic plants and animals
No fillers or harmful chemicals, 100% PHA made from corn
Safe for all aquarium life across all types of water and tanks
Uniform size and round shape for smooth fluidization
Best used with a fluidized media reactor with pellets kept in gentle motion


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