Jebao SOW Wavemaker w/ Controller

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Jebao SOW Wavemakers are available in models (SOW-3, SOW-4, SOW-5, SOW-8, SOW-9, SOW-15, SOW-16, and SOW-20). Similar to the previous OW series, the biggest updates to the Jebao SOW Wavemakers is the continued improvements of the motor, which has been significantly improved to withstand damages, and having it much more silent than previous models

  • A new generation of Jebao wavemakers that features an improved motor to withstand damages
  • Adjustable Flow Rate
  • Master/Slave Wireless Mode
  • One-touch feed mode — slows pump for a period of 10 minutes
  • Includes a controller and magnet mount

Available in:

  • SOW-3N: 132-792gph (Head is smaller compared to SOW-3)
  • SOW-3: 132-792gph
  • SOW-4: 132-1057gph
  • SOW-5: 132-1320gph
  • SOW-8: 185-2245gph
  • SOW-9: 185-2377gph
  • SOW-15: 317-3963gph
  • SOW-16: 317-4226gph
  • SOW-20: 449-5283gph


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