Jebao PL1LED Pond Wet/Dry Submersible LED Lamp

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Jebao PL1LED series can be used in the garden, around the pond or submerged underwater. The long cable allows you to set it where you want. The unit has an adjustable bracket allowing you to tilt the light at different angles. 4-colored lenses (red, blue, green, and yellow) allow you to create different effects. The light can be used underwater or in your garden. Low Voltage transformer. Can be used in and out of water. 16ft cable from the plug to the light. Saving up to 80% in energy use compared to other pond lighting.

  • 1.6W per light
  • Light Dimensions: 2.25″ diameter x 3″ high
  • Output: 110V-120V 60Hz
  • UL Listed
  • 4-color lens caps included per light
  • Swivel unit can be angled to suit your needs

Available in:

  • PL1LED-1: 1 LED light
  • PL1LED-3: 3 LED lights
  • PL1LED-4: 4 LED lights
  • PL1LED-5: 5 LED lights
  • PL1LED-6: 6 LED lights


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