Finnex StingRay 3.0 LED Light

Category: Brand: Finnex


-Perfect Blend: 5700k + 6500k + True 660nm Deep Red + 660nm Midnight Blue
-Water Resistant: IP67 water resistance to avoid water mishaps and moisture damage
-Quality Built: Quality components throughout the fixture for safety and longevity. UL Power Supply.
-24/7 Lunar+: Set Daylight length and intensity. Moonlight intensity is also controllable. Ability to exit the 24/7 program without losing point in time like competitors.
-Additional Features: Extendable legs up to 16 inches. 1-year warranty included.

  • FX VL-12S: Dimension: 11.5″x2.34″x1.3″, Max Length: 19.5″, 9W
  • FX VL-18S: Dimension: 17.48″x2.34″x1.3″, Max Length: 27.48″, 12W
  • FX VL-24S: Dimension: 23.5″x2.34″x1.3″, Max Length: 33.5″, 16W
  • FX VL-36S: Dimension: 35.47″x2.34″x1.3″, Max Length: 45.47″, 26W
  • FX VL-48S: Dimension: 46.26″x2.34″x1.3, Max Length: 56.26″, 36W


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