Finnex External Hang-on Box w/ Water Pump & LED Light

SKU: HB-211-10WM Category: Brand: Finnex


Includes: AL-10WM LED Light

The box may be used as a quarantine area for sick or fish needing a quite zone to re-coupe. The lower flow gives fish a stable environment without giving them much stress. Ideal for both fresh and saltwater aquariums, some may use it to selective breed their most prized shrimps and fish. Or, simply use it to house a betta, without having a bulky housing taking up space inside your aquarium. Remove the removable baffles for additional space and attach any clip light to have your refugium thriving. The multifunctional box can be used as a refugium filtration system where pods and cheato can further cycle one’s aquarium as well as lowering nitrates.


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